Take Training to Another Level


"With our virtual reality Firefighter Training Simulator, we are able to facilitate a vast array of skills and experiences that otherwise may not be covered in a typical recruit class or in daily drill sessions. The military and aviation industry has been utilizing simulators for years and it has proven to be a vital component for development as practical revolutions are very time consuming and inefficient with Training Officer's time. The potential of virtual reality is limitless and this simulator will propel us into the future with advanced training for all ranks."  - Jonathan Hunter, Director of the Fire & Rescue Academy, City of Winnipeg


Made by firefighters, for firefighters

Training simulators offer a low risk, low cost way for firefighters to learn new skills and brush up on old skills, no matter if you are training independently or part of a team.


Whether you're a probie or a tested vet, our VR Training Simulators have something on offer for you. Realistic virtual reality environments, intuitive body-tracked controllers, and an expanding library of in-depth training exercises gives you an effective way to supplement your training regime.